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See how we're using the power of video to meet the JCK Foundation's marketing goals, and how we can take the same approach to help you meet yours.
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The JCK Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Dobbs Ferry, NY that offers support to those struggling with mental health, particularly teens and youth.

I've had the privilege of being able to work with this amazing organization, and devise & implement an organic marketing campaign to document their work, share their messaging online, and grow their brand. 

Here's how we're doing it.



At the start of 2023, I devised a video marketing strategy to help the JCK Foundation reach a larger audiece on weeky basis. We began filming short educational videos to educate and offer support to those struggling with their mental health.

These videos are shared on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to connect directly with their target audience.

  • Increase assistance to students through educational & supportive video messaging
  • Offer contact methods (email, website, & social media handles) through call-to-action branding at the end of each video for additional support
  • Show John and Kevin's relatability and personal experience in mental health recovery
  • Increase follower count and overall online engagement during and after events.
  • Offered indirect support to students in need
  • Increased engagement on various social media profiles via positive comments, likes, and video re-shares
  • Promoted upcoming events through engaging short-form educational ads



We spoke to Don Bosco Prep students after they witnessed the JCK Foundation's presentations. We recorded documentary-style interviews to capture how they were impacted by the information they learned.

  • Show John and Kevin's relatability to the students they speak to
  • Demonstrate in the student's own words the positive impacts that presentation had on their mental health
  • Use testimonials to show the value of the JCK Foundation's presentation to interested schools
Student Andrew Lynch discusses how he appreciated John using sports to relate to him, and how he found John's struggles similar to his own.
Student Nick Zuppee discusses how John's humor and vulnerability made him a relatable speaker, and shares some of the lessons he learned.



We captured the JCK Foundation's presentation at Don Bosco Preparatory school in Ramsey, NJ.
Using footage from the 90 minute presentation, we created several short form videos highlighting some of the most impactful lessons to share as social media content.
  • Offer transparency and hope to the target audience by demonstrating John and Kevin's openness about their personal struggles with their mental health
  • Create an emotional connection with new viewers on social media
  • Show examples of the JCK Foundation's work in schools
  • Demonstrate some of the topics & themes the JCK Foundation incorporates in its presentations
John shares one of his favorite pieces of advice about self-acceptance: "Love yourself the same way you love the person you love the most."
Kevin discusses the power of having a support system and believing in one another by sharing a powerful personal experience.


about us video

During an appearance at The Basketball Tournament in Syracuse, we filmed the JCK Foundation's "About Us" video in the style of a short documentary to highlight the organization's origins and mission.

  • Educate new viewers on the JCK Foundation's origins and mission
  • Use on JCK Foundation website's landing page and social media sites as an explainer video to new visitors
  • Demonstrate John's and Kevin's devotion to helping others
  • Encourage volunteers, supporters, and donors to get involved with the organization
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We're helping the JCK Foundation make even more of an impact through our video marketing.

We would love to do the same for your business.
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