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Thanks for your interest in my sports media work! Below are some packages that are currently offered.


*An upfront 50% retainer payment is required for booking all services (see Terms below). Services are not officially booked unless the retainer payment is made. Payments are accepted via Venmo, CashApp, or online invoice. For locations more than 1 hour away from the Vendor, travel fees may apply.

Photography (Starts at $150)
  • (1) Full game photographed (prioritizing player)
  • Edited & Color Graded Photos
  • Hi-resolution Edited Photos delivered digitally to Client
Standard Package: 25 edited photos ($150)
Silver Package: 50 edit
ed photos ($200)
Package: 75 edited photos ($250)
Premium Package: 75-100+ edited photos ($300 base price)
Game Highlight Video: $250
  • (1) Game Filmed prioritizing player
  • 60-90 second edited Highlight Video
  • Title Effect with player’s name
  • Video Effects + Sound Effects
  • Soundtrack*
  • Video delivered digitally to Client

*See FAQ below. 
Add ons:
Upgrade to 2-3 minute video: +$100
Add Graphic Design to Mixtape: +$50
Graphic Design + Edited Photos (starts at $120)
  • (1) Game attended to photograph player
  • Design Template Pre-Selected by Client ahead of game
  • Text Displaying Player’s name, position, team, current school, and your other desired stats
  • Graphic Design delivered digitally to Client
  • 15 Edited Photos delivered
Standard Package: 1 Graphic Design ($120)
Silver Package: 2 Graphic Designs ($240)
Gold Package: 3 Graphic Designs ($360)
Mixtape + Photo Package (Starts at $300)
  • (1) Game attended to photograph/film player
  • Standard Mixtape Video & Edited Photos
Standard Package: 10 Photos & 1 Mixtape Video ($300)
Silver Package: 20 Photos & 1 Mixtape Video  ($325)
Gold Package: 30 Photos & 1 Mixtape Video ($350)
Add ons:
Upgrade to 2-3 minute video: +$100
Add Graphic Design to Mixtape: +$50
Payment Terms
The person making the payment for any services is known as the "Payor". The Payor must be 18 years of age or above. The athlete being featured in the products is known as the "Athlete". The Production Company refers to the company providing the services, "Zach Traver Productions LLC".

An upfront non-refundable 50% retainer payment is required for booking all services. If a booked game date is cancelled due to an external factor (weather, administrative decision, etc., The Production Company may award a credit at its discretion to reschedule for a different game. When editing is completed, the Athlete will be notified, and the remaining 50% payment must be paid prior to delivery of any completed products.

Payments are accepted via Venmo or CashApp, or through an online Quickbooks invoice payable by a bank card. Travel fees may be applied based on location.

If the Production Company needs to cancel a booking, the retainer will be refunded to the Payor in full. No refunds will be given in any other circumstances.

No work revisions are included for any services.
Work Terms
By hiring the Production Company, the Payor acknowledges and agrees to the following Terms of Work.

Consent to Film
If any Athlete is under eighteen (18) years of age: Payor represents and warrants that they have obtained the approval of the parent or guardian of the minor Athlete (if the parent/guardian is a different person than the Payor) for the Athlete to be photographed and videotaped for the services.

Venue Authorization
The Production Company assumes they will have reasonable access to film or photograph any sports games and events that are open to the public. Payor acknowledges and agrees that it is their own responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions from their team or school staff members for The Production Company to access the venue and photograph or film the game. If The Production Company is denied access to film or take photos by any venue staff, The Production Company cannot be held responsible for an inability to enter the venue or provide their services.

Overtime/Delay Policy
If games go into overtime or are delayed due to weather or other reasons, by default The Production Company will continue coverage until the game is completed. The additional time spent covering the game beyond normal regulation game time is subject to a $50 fee for every additional 30-minute period on-site and will be charged to the Payor after the game.

The Production Company is not responsible for limitations in photo or video content that arise from an Athlete's limited playing time, lack of playing time, injury, or the quality of the Athlete's performance. No refund or credit can be given for any reason, including if the Athlete does not play at all on the booking date.

Copyright & Ownership
The Production Company remains the sole owner of and retains all rights, titles, interest, and copyrights in any materials created while producing the service. The Production Company may utilize images or videos of the Athlete to promote their services. Any intended commercial use of the products, such as incorporation in material from a 3rd party, requires permission from the Production Company.

Force Majeure
The Production Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, inclement weather, civil unrest, strikes, or denial of access to the venue.

In consideration of the media services provided by The Production Company, the Payor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the The Production Company and its owners, employees, and assigns from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or in connection with the services.


Can I add any soundtrack to my Mixtape?
Athletes can usually use a specific soundtrack for their mixtapes if their video will be posted only on Instagram or TikTok. Instagram and TikTok now have exclusive deals with music licensing companies, where many popular copyrighted songs can be incorporated from their audio library in user-created content posted to these sites. If a song is in this library, it is usually okay to use. The Athlete may add songs or audio to the video themselves using Instagram or TikTok's music library when they go to post their video. Most other websites (like YouTube) will generally remove videos that have copyrighted music.

Payor and Athletes understand that the Production Company is not responsible in instances where videos are removed or flagged by any social media services for audio copyright claims, change in licensing terms, or similar scenarios arising out of music use. The Production Company is able to license royalty-free soundtracks that can be provided through subscription services, and recommends this option.

How long will it take to receive my product?
The typical turnaround time products to be completed is 7-14 days after shooting. The Production Company reserves the right to extend the turnaround time within reason based on scheduling or other needs, and will communicate any delays with the Payor or Athlete.

Can I request multiple cameras for any of your services?
Yes, though this requires custom pricing depending on your needs. Please get in touch if you'd like more than 1 camera angle.

How are my products delivered?
Photos, videos, and graphic designs are sent using a digital transfer service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. (You won’t need to download these services to use them.) You’ll get a download link to these sites where you can easily 
save your digital products right on your device. Products are not typically sent over text or email, as this usually results in compression (which lowers the quality of your photos and videos.)

What areas do you serve?
We provide sports media coverage in the lower Hudson Valley, most frequently in Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange counties. 
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